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I loved dogs since my childhood, but I had to wait a very long time to realize my desires. Hope is the dog I dreamed of for years. When I finally moved out of my small apartment I knew that it was time and I could look for my dreamed dog friend. For years I have been in love with samoyed. I was sure it was a breed created for me. I've been looking for my Hope for over a year. I analyzed pedigrees and breeding lines. I also knew I needed to feel this "something". When I finally contacted Serbian Aklaro kennel in May 2014 and received the first photos, I knew right away that it was my dog. The Red girl literally stole my heart.
Hope was with us in July. Crazy puppy. She had no problem acclimatizing in her new home. She won the love of all the household members.
We are a small kennel. Hope lives with us at home and is part of our family. She is our dog companion of life. Together with our children they are an inseparable team.
Everyday I work as a teacher. I know how important relationships are in bringing up children. I think it is the same with puppies and that the first moments of the puppy`s life affect their whole future and their relationship with future owners. We make sure that the puppies are well socialized. Hope and puppies are still with us all the time. They have constant contact with all family members and with friends. They are accustomed to home sounds and to the touch. We want the puppies leaving in our breeding to be happy and bring happiness to their future homes.








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